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CLANCENTRAL is the portal to an unrivalled range of resources on Scottish heritage and dress. Over time, these will be expanded and updated. These interactive databases and tools have all been brought together under one ‘umbrella’ to coincide with the launch of the third edition of the Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopaedia, which is published by St Kilda (Holdings) Ltd and which went on sale from the end of August 2017.

For over twenty-five years St Kilda (Holdings) Ltd’s trading divisions of Gaelic Themes, R G Hardie and St Kilda have been at the forefront of developing technology and historical research on Scottish Heritage and Culture, to improve the quality of information available to the diaspora.

Having taken the second edition of the encyclopaedia as a start point, the last twelve years have seen the employment of professional historians, whose remit was to scour the libraries and publications, to bring to you the most cutting-edge historical research and expand, where possible, the histories of the clans and kindreds of old Scotland. From a base of 148 clan badges we now have 330 which has been a massive undertaking on its own. Text in the new book is three times the length of the previous two editions and scholarly articles have been both updated and added.

St Kilda (Holdings) Ltd and its trading divisions of. Gaelic Themes , R.G Hardie & Co, St Kilda Publications operate form 2 large factories in Glasgow totalling 17500 sq feet.

The Broad Street facility is 100% tailoring –making kilts of all types, jackets , plaids, trews, ladieswear, sashs, pipebags, uniforms and bespoke tailoring of all types.

The Grovepark St facility produces bagpipes, pewterware of all types, sporrans and much more